Surefire Ways To Spice Up Your Next Society Luncheon

by Chiara Atik · May 18, 2009

    [Photos via PMc] It's no secret that society luncheons can get a little stuffy. The endless discussions on flower arrangements, the speeches, the air kissing. What's a lady who lunches to do when she wants to make things a little more interesting for herself? Attendees at a recent 60th Anniversary Luncheon for Chantelle found the answer....


    Show up to your next luncheon dressed to the nines.... your underwear!

    If the speeches are getting a little boring.....

    Take a break and read a book..... your underwear!

    Stand behind the CEO while he's posing for a picture....

    ...In your underwear!!

    Feeling sleepy?

    Take a little rest on the your underwear!

    Still bored? Do some light dusting..... your underwear!

    While other guests stand around and chitchat.....

    Check yourself out in the mirror.... your underwear!

    Feeling anti-social? Sit on the stairs and write mean things about people in your notebook.... your underwear!

    Still having trouble shocking people?

    We'll let you decide what the next step should be....