The One Society Staple That Never Goes Out Of Style

by Christie Grimm · January 9, 2019

    There are some things in this world that never lose their charm. And a handwritten note on personalized stationery tops the list. Because really, since when did tagging someone in your Instagram stories become the new Thank You card? Emily Post would most certainly not approve, and neither do I!

    When it comes to the art of formal correspondence, only one name comes to mind, Dempsey & Carroll. I've used them for my wedding invites, thank you notes, Christmas cards, and as my personal stationery go-to. And thus, how could I not shout from the internet rooftops that the Dempsey & Carrol's Annual Sale is on! Because trust, you do not want to miss out. Stock up your desk with 100 beautifully engraved correspondence cards and envelopes for the ridiculous steal price of $295. A package usually priced at $480, grab this deal while you can. All you'll need next is a pen worthy of the paper.

    [Photos via @dempseycarroll]