Andrea Catsimatidis has one of those Instagram accounts you stumble upon while mindlessly scrolling one day and then find yourself months deep in thanks to a combination of confusion, fascination, and slight disgust. We mean, it's hard to look away from someone who has "billionaire heiress" in their bio, and poses in red bikinis to match an American flag and a "Make America Great Again" hat.

In a city where, admittedly, most socialites fit the profile of the "liberal elite," 29-year-old Catsimatidis, daughter of Gristedes grocery store tycoon, John Catsimatidis, stands out as a Barbie mascot of the GOP, along the lines of Tomi Lahren and Kent State's infamous "Gun Girl," Kaitlin Bennett. The blonde, oft-bikini-clad "business bombshell" (another self-descriptor via her Insta bio) has served as the chair of the Manhattan Republican Party since 2017, and is perhaps one of the only people you'll find wearing a bandage dress at society functions from the Upper East Side to the Hamptons. 

After an appearance on CNN, Catsimatidis has been dubbed a "rising GOP star," and has garnered recent features in the New York Post and New York Magazine. Not that it's the first time she's made headlines: her former marriage was a particularly high-profile (and ridicule-friendly) one.

If you need someone new to fuel some love-to-hate scrolling, click through for a peek inside her life.