Ah, to be a trust fund baby. Sure it can be tough sometimes, but somebody's gotta do it. One obstacle they don't warn you about? Finding a job. Yes, the parental units are begging you to get a job because it's getting embarrassing to keep having to lie to their country club friends about what their darling little daughter is up to.  And they won't let you throw back in their faces excuses like "I'm taking a gap year to find myself!" or "I'm recovering from the trauma you gave me from forcing me to attend Swiss boarding school the day I got my first period!" And honestly, who's to blame them? They gave you the best opportunities on a Tiffany's platter, yet they neglected to instill you with any work ethic. Check out some chic career options that cater to your trust fund baby lifestyle while requiring minimal effort.

[Photo via @parishilton]