It seems everywhere you look these days, there's a new females-only club popping up. A trend clearly born of a valid need women have for a room of their own. But in a world where in actuality most women probably aren't looking to go so far as escape there lives entirely, just find an empowering space and balance that suits their needs, it seems a funny divide this girls-only mentality (and that's coming from a Barnard girl). What's the practicality in paying for a workspace that doesn't allow your husband or boyfriend to stop by, or for you to meet with male clients or colleagues?

After turning over the lease of her in-home office to her second child, Ashley Wu found herself with loads of work to do, but nowhere to go. Tapped out on coffee shop laptop sessions, she needed a place where she could find the peace her home couldn't always promise, socialize with friends, get work done, meet new people, and still be close enough to conveniently swing back home if something went south. And so Maison was born.

A new Upper East Side private members' club designed for women, but not gender exclusive, Maison is the perfect spot for women to work, relax, learn and connect. Perched up on 85th and Lexington Avenue, the gorgeous space is designed by our personal favorite, Ronen Lev, and includes everything from a chic kitchen and cool lounge to thoughtful work stations, funky bathrooms and more.

[Photos by Nicole Franzen]