By now even the most averse among us have probably laughed at a TikTok or ten, for as much as we're over the viral dance challenges, we will admit that plenty of talented creatives have embraced the platform to produce seriously funny skits. For example? Caitlin Reilly, an actor, writer, and comedian who has earned over a million followers thanks to her impressions of different social personalities, like that one co-worker you hate in Zoom meetings or your obnoxious friend who just got back from "going abroad" (you know the one). 

But our favorite among Caitlin's characters is most definitely Cheryl, a.k.a. WASP Mom. In a series of videos uploaded since the early days of quarantine, "Cheryl" has made appearances as the absolute embodiment of the WASP Moms we all know - or have. From the distinct inflection in her voice to her smiling passive aggression when dealing with any sort of service worker, it's all so hilariously (and infuriatingly, if you've ever had to deal with one) spot-on.

Click through for a compilation of the WASPiest WASP Mom moments.