A Real Hunk Of Meat: F&A Deli

by JACQUELINE CHANCER · May 30, 2008

     Yesterday, all I ate was sandwiches...You may think that sounds repetitive, a bit lackluster for the palate, but the sandwiches I ate were as different as night and day. Lunch on the job was a hurried, pre-made, cold little thing at CafeMetro, clocking in at over $7. Don't get me wrong, I admire CafeMetro and the other "deli/luncheonette" type joints, catering to the suit-wearing, blackberry-carrying slew of midtown robots. Though, my sandwich was tasty equipped with the tiniest morsel of avocado (how I love them so!) and turkey (can I even call it turkey? it was more like turkey essence) it lacked the love of a human touch and at that price I feel like I should be full...Which brings me to dinner:

    On my walk from the N/W train (a very long walk, you are better off taking the R/V train to 46th) I stepped into F&A Deli, my favorite place for a sandwich, period. Cramped on a crowded little Astoria block containing a Laundromat and a pizza place, this deli doesn't joke around with its sandwiches. With its unassuming awning and humble interiors, F&A serves up nothing but the good stuff.

    Here, with all sandwiches, hot or cold around $7, you have essentially two meals for the price of one (I'm actually eating the second of my sandwich for lunch today). The sandwiches are so big, packed with savory meats (corned beef, roast beef, you name it), it is a heart attack on a plate. Think the massiveness of Katz's sandwiches on an Italian hero. Sure you can order whatever you'd like, but its the specialty sandwiches that really have my mouth watering.

    With names like the Godmother, Astoria Park, Hells Gate, The "R" Train, you are actually eating a slice of Queens. The combinations are exquisite, definitely more than your ordinary fare. Last night I had the "Tummy Tickler," corned beef, melted Swiss, on rye toast with Cole slaw and Russian dressing. Hearty portions and creative names, this deli will keep you coming back for more. They also have the typical favorites of any deli, including the Cuben, the Hot Reuben, etc. Hot dishes (baked ziti, meatballs), salads along with breakfast items, desserts, you'll never have to leave this place. They even deliver, so you don't even have to leave that comfy couch of yours.

    If you don't believe me, try it for yourself.

    F & A Gourmet Deli and Catering 45-15 28th Avenue Astoria, NY 11103