Essentially Discussing: Who Dictates Trends

by Rachelle Hruska · July 25, 2008

    Blue Iris, Falls newest colorI read "The Tipping Point" along with everyone else when it came out, ironically jumping on the bandwagon to read about ways people jump on bandwagons.  Living in New York is like taking part in one giant socialogy which you get to be, not only the moderator, but an actual object in the experiment.  Essentially Emily steps into Barney's and wonder's who's behind the colors on the dresses which she will, no doubt be buying.  This brings on a whole discussion after which, I am introduced, (via a commentor) to one of the most useful tools on the internet: Pantone.

    "(It's)dictated by the industry. Want proof? Or how to get a jump on next season’s shopping? Go HERE, on the left hand navigation bar there’s a subtitle report and they have a free downloadable colour report for every season. Fall 08 was up eons ago, and I’m surprised they don’t already have spring/ summer 09 up yet…" -kmarie

    Yes, we are all aware that "Yellow Is The New Black"....if the party to celebrate the color, and the petite socialite that raves about it weren't enough; you could indeed just step onto a Polo field, or look at the nail polish on Stephanie Wei or Devorah Rose's hands.

    I am no "trendsetter", in the fashion sense at least, nor will I be going to buy up every kind of Blue Iris dresses I can get my hands on (the "color" of the fall).  However, what I at least have come to realize, is that sometimes there's no escaping the trends.  They become mainstream and before you know it, you too show up in skinny jeans and Tory flats (well okay maybe not, I never did cave into the Tory Burch craze).

    This is the way I see it: There are, no doubt, hundreds of people in the industry at the top who have spent countless hours determining which color will match the mood and the feel of the current zeitgeist. I don't predict the stock market, get in long political debates, or talk about fashion trends....not because I don't want to, but because there's only so many hours in the day and these are subject matters that I'm just better off listening on.

    Ask me how to enter a post_alt tag or optimize your SEO configurations and I'll be more than happy to take the stage.

    The verdict? The people who should (and most likely DO) dictate the trends are the experts in the respected fields such trend is being produced.  I never would have thought that posting a personal video and calling it a "media experience" would be considered kosher...then I was introduced to Julia Allison.