It's Finally Spring, And Oper8tor Is Fed Up With The Interweb, Wants Real Life Contact Like The Old Days

by MIKEL MCCOY · April 10, 2008

    web 2.0So this a bit weird coming from a blogger, but what the F has the World Wide Web done to humans lately? Like Brooklyn Rah Rah put it so eloquently yesterday, go frolic. Its spring and you're young and hot. Get off the myspace and go to her place. Web 2.0 is the idea that the ever-evolving ever-innovating Internet has gone to the next level. Where the Interweb used to be full of static, infrequently updated sites where viewers were presented a message or bought something. WEB 2.0 is based on the idea of a virtual community of users. Think youtube, facebook, myspace, flickr, twitter and blogs… oh the blogs. Now instead of going to a brick and mortar building, like recreational centers or churches or social clubs or some other real world space you can touch, one can find out what his or her social contacts or friends have been up to while they sit on their ever-widening behinds, connected to the world via these friend aggregators and internet social network sites.

    Well OK I guess, but for real that's pretty weak. It's like I'll check out Andrew's photos on Flickr and comment on them instead of talking to Andrew about his trip to Costa Rica and I don't know, sharing meaningful sentiments. And since we're on this hatin' the internet tip how about how the net has lowered the quality and expectations of art, music, video quality and made it damn near impossible to get paid a decent wage to write, oh yeah we're hating and did you read in the NY Times how the pressures and 24/7 open for business policy of blogging just killed off two of it most prominent bloggers.

    Sure technology is cool and great and the intenet makes it easy for people who live all over the world to stay in contact,but it's like anything else. Too much is just detrimental. I suppose its' not the Internet's fault that humans more and more willing to settle for text instead of voices, comments instead of rendezvous and profile views instead of eye contact, but it sure don't help.