Ortiz For El Presidente

by CLAIRE WILLETT · April 4, 2008


    Like any true Bostonian, we worship the Sox, so when a friend told us about a website where we could have David Ortiz deliver messages, we had to check it out. The premise is a mock election between Jeter and Ortiz for president of fmradio, and the site, fmradio.com, is pretty great, though it does have some limitations. Ortiz has difficulty pronouncing some names. Once we chose Ortiz, we were asked various questions about the message's recipient (our relation to the recipient, least appealing quality, least appealing place to be, type of fan, future aspirations) and whether we wanted Ortiz to email or call.

    A sample message: Hey ???, this is David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox. Yes, it's Big Papi. You might have heard, John, that I'm running for president of xmradio, and I'm calling from xm to ask you for your vote. I heard from your life coach, ???, that you like flexing in mirrors. Also, you are a diabolical baseball fan, and that goes a long way with me. As president, I will uphold your constitutional rights to listen to every play by play on xm radio, where ever you are. If you ever find yourself in a crowded airport, you can still catch up with your favorite team, the Red Sox. Great news, right? So go to xmradio.com and vote for me. You can even have me call the girl who told me what your biggest dream is, to be an underwear model. You follow your dream, and I'll follow mine. Just visit xmradio and vote for me. We already have, BP.