Our Johnny Knoxville Culture: A Society Of "Ringer's"

by Rachelle Hruska · March 4, 2009

    Manhattan Society's Chris London has a penchant for sending skillfully drafted emails to his massive list of acquaintances.  I am not quite sure how or when I made it on "The List" but I am delighted I did.  And today, a real gem came through.  Titled "Johnny Knoxville Culture: A Society Of "Ringer's," Mr. London explains why we are no longer content to live in the moment...

    [Daily Style Phile: Chris London, Manhattan Society's Hunk]

    "Americans are no longer content to live in the moment. Instead we are becoming obsessed with documenting every moment that we are living in and now via Twitter and Facebook Updates some of us can now inform the rest of us who do not give crap, precisely what it is that they are doing. These are the same people who cannot have a face to face conversation without texting someone else as you speak to them. A conversation with them consists of their updating you on their rather witty facebook updates. YAWN. Twits Twitter.

    Our Social Culture is devolving into Johnny Knoxville in "The Ringer"---"Stevie like texting" Stevie at Lounge having drinkie" "Stevie watching Fashion Shows with skeletor models" "Stevie now watching fame ranking climb" "Stevie taking photo of himself to send to you now" "stevie now famous""