"The Barbaro-Faced Broad"

by AMANDA MELILLO · March 21, 2008

    sjpIt seems like "Sex and the City" isn't just the name of the TV show and upcoming movie for two of its stars in today's tabloids. Yesterday's Post has a story about Sarah Jessica Parker's interview with Grazia magazine, in which she responds to Maxim Magazine's poll that rated her "unsexiest woman alive." Voted more un-sexy than Amy Winehouse, Sandra Oh, Madonna and Britney Spears, the poll called her a "Barbaro-faced broad." For all of you unfamiliar with racing statistics, this is a fancy way of calling her horse-faced, because cleverer languages cloaks the nastiness that I believe is indicative of a severe masculinity complex. Come on guys, are you whipping out the tape measures as you insult women? (Digression: I have an idea for women's magazines. What if we put pictures of famous men in magazines and did a sorority-style "meat market" and circled all the problem areas, like receding hairlines and beer guts??)

    Additionally, Page Six is also running an item about those adult photographs of Kristin Davis, aka innocent and marriage-crazed Charlotte, that are now circulating the Internet. Advice to women: Don't let the boyfriend keep the photos, videos, audio recordings or even oil portraits, because you won't see them again until they hit Gawker. That's pretty much it for my thoughts on Kristin's um, debut, but I will say this in the vein of "All publicity is good publicity": This is one way to make everyone want to see the movie again after so many pictures of filming have run in papers that we know the entire plot line! I bet this work was done by the same publicist that leaked that trailer….now all we need is Kim Cattral bitch-slapping a fan, and we have a box office hit!