Umbrella As Suncare Device: Yes Or No?

by Rachelle Hruska · July 3, 2008

    umbrellaJuly's officially here and things are HOT out there!  I snapped this photo from the 'ol blackberry walking home on Bowery street.  I wish I had a better camera to capture this truly picturesque scene but alas, you get the idea.  The billowing dress, the umbrella shadow...

    Hang on, it's not raining.  I know, I know,'s time to get serious about yours. Etc. Etc.  But really, is this necessary?? I mean I a bonafide idiot when it comes to these things but just wondering if this is something you guys would sport? I mean isn't that a little bit of a fuss over some sun?  Maybe she is using some like specialized facial medication that will radioactivate in any kind of sunlight.  I don't know,  I just appreciated the splash of color on dreary bowery street (this was before I hit the splashy Blue & Cream store).

    What do you think???