"(He) Manipulated, Lied, Cheated, And Deceived, And He Most Of All Made It All Seem Right, Because In The End No One Had Ever Seen A Burst Of Color And Light Like This Since Andy Warhol."

by Rachelle Hruska · April 27, 2009

    Who claimed this in an article today on a NYC nightlife legend and who were they referring to? Answer below...

    It was uncle Steve Lewis of course, in his latest piece for Blackbook Magazine: "Sympathy for the Devil: The Prison Art of Michael Alig" in which Steve claims he is going to cut Mike out of his life for a couple years after the ex club kid was busted for a dirty urine sample. But not before highlighting some of the artwork that Michael has created in prison like the Amanda Lepore to the left. Go here for the full gallery.