"I Don't Wanna Be Courtney Love--I Wanna Be Kurt Cobain."

by LIZ JENEAULT · April 27, 2010

    Taylor--your half-naked, red-lipsticked, throwing up all over the place antics are NOTHING like Courtney Love's.  Your lingerie-inspired outfits and violent, punk-rock band is also ENTIRELY dissimilar from Court, Courts'.

    Taylor's sudden change in role-model envy may be derived from Love's hatred for Little J. Love once tweeted her disgust for the wannabee, by (drunkenly) stating:

    "why does Taylor Whatsit deeply disturb me and why is the Blonde one from the verons or whatever they are clled wearing my actual clothes?"

    In order to save her ass, Taylor has NOW decided she wants to channel Kurt Cobain. It's funny, you know, Cobain WAS Love's husband. And Love IS his widow (we're not entirely sure Taylor's aware of this).

    We wonder who Taylor will move on to next.... From Courtney herself, to her deceased husband, to her daughter?!?!

    Will Frances Bean Cobain be the object of Momsen's next desire?!

    Still, though, Taylor may just need to be saved from herself...

    [Photo via Getty]