"Nachos. Nachos.....Um, NACHOS?"

by Rachelle Hruska · January 15, 2009

    The password to Lockhart's birthday party last night was actually "Tacos", not Nachos which I thought. (Stanley has a penchant for the nachos from Bamboleo Taqueria and has been stinking up our office with their version).  I finally got inside Woodson & Ford (aka "Table 50" and then "Mr. Black").

    Read more about the party below:

    The first person I saw was DBTH. He was surrounded by a gaggle of girls.  Just saying.....

    GofG photographers were not invited.  A shame really because the cast of characters was at its best.  John Carney, Jessica Coen, Jesse Oxfeld, Rachel Sklar, Alex Balk, Glynnis MacNicol, Ben Leventhal, Elizabeth Spiers, Lindsay Robertson, Andrew Krucoff, Caroline McCarthy, Richard Blakely, and THE Rex Sorgatz.