"We Couldn't Take One Step In The West Village Without People Screaming, 'Hey AL!' I felt Like I Was With Someone Who Is Larger Than Life. It May Sound Cliché, But He's Iconic."

by LIZ JENEAULT · April 15, 2010

    Katie Couric is entirely freaked out by Al Pacino's fame. His "iconic image" had crazed fans running up to the two during their interview session in the West Village (Are we that surprised?!).

    We agree Katie--the image of Al Pacino snorting that MASSIVE line of coke or screaming "Say hello to my little friend!" is, INDEED, iconic. Al will always be known as the TRUE American gangster--so much so, that every teen-aged boy in America has a poster of "Scarface" hanging on his bedroom wall (much to the displeasure of his mother).

    Katie, whom has recently interviewed Al for an episode of "60 Minutes," pressed the actor on his role in "You Don't Know Jack," a film which Katie will add to his list of classics.

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