This week has seen a much-needed deviation from the miserable-since-November-2016 news cycle. Instead of streets and subways filled with pale, shaking heads, New Yorkers, at least the ones we've come across, have been looking down at their phones and grinning. Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's trusted confidant, lawyer, and, as it turns out, "fixer," pleaded guilty in court, spilling all the details of his shady dealings with the President.

Some reports predicted his willingness to cooperate based on his "tenuous finances," as Bloomberg put it. Despite his Rolls Royce and $50,000 watch, Cohen is in no position to front the legal fees needed to fight a federal investigation. We mean, he just pleaded guilty to bank fraud - he failed to disclose his $14 million in debts before receiving a $500,000 home equity line of credit. Back in May, he was forced to put his family's $9 million Park Avenue apartment (which is located inside a Trump-owned building, no less) up for collateral against his bank loans.

That didn't stop him, however, from purchasing a $6.7 million apartment at the recently completed 111 Murray Street, a sky-scraping Tribeca building developed by old friends of Trump, Howard Lorber and Steve Witkoff. The deal was apparently in the works since last November, but Cohen hurriedly closed in April - around the time he was raided by the FBI. Pretty juicy, huh?

Juicier, though, is the actual residence. Cohen's four-bedroom unit reportedly spans more than 2,600 square feet on the building's 19th floor. Standard issue, we imagine, at a modest price of less than $7 mil. Nevertheless, the building boasts some of the most over-the-top amenities NYC real estate has ever seen. From a 75-foot lap pool and private Drybar to Turkish baths and a concierge jet service, 111 Murray has spared no expense for its residents. Click through for a look inside and get all the insane details.

[Photos via 111 Murray]