Sarah Jessica Parker Sells Her West Village Townhouse For $15 Million

by Guest of A Guest · January 5, 2021

    Just think of how many Manolo Blahnik shoes that could buy!

    Brace yourselves for one of those insanely frustrating moments that makes you feel like you're going to explode. This townhouse that they just sold for $15 million? Well SJP and husband Matthew Broderick originally bought the home for a mere $2.995 million back in 2000. Like, did they fucking gold-plate everything inside to be able to sell it for that much more!?

    Neither here nor there we suppose. The charming Charles Street house - located just a few blocks from the infamous Carrie apartment facade that still has people lining up to take pictures - boasts three stories, totaling around 4,182 square feet.

    But fear not, SJP isn't about to abandon her beloved city. (After all, she's made pretty clear her thoughts on those that have.) She's still got her $35 million West Village mega mansion to call home. You remember those two townhouses she bought back in 2016, gut renovated and then combined into one colossal building that must be packing an insane amount of closet space?

    Ah, to be crazy rich!