Truman Capote's Brooklyn Home Can Be Yours For $18 Million

by BILLY GRAY · May 10, 2010

    Proving that real estate with an artsy pedigree can fetch eye-popping prices no matter the borough it's in, Truman Capote's not-so-humble Brooklyn Heights house has been listed at $18 million. That's more than $1.5 million per fireplace!



    While the "optimistic" asking price will likely be knocked down a few pegs, the mansion should demolish the standing Brooklyn record of $12 million for a Gravesend property bought back before the financial near-apocalypse.

    Celebrity associations often inflate property values. Andy Warhol's (and his mother's) relatively modest Upper East Side townhouse--it faced Lexington and was just 16.5 feet wide--went on the market for $5.99 million in March 2008. But Warhol's Studio 54 partner in crime's digs are pretty damn luxe. As described by the Daily News, the gem includes:

    "11 bedrooms...11 fireplaces, parking for four cars, a mural copied from the Kennedy White House a back porch and a garden like something out of a Southern estate."

    Capote reportedly got his friend, Broadway art director Oliver Smith, hammered on martinis for the 10 years leading up to Smith's purchase of the pad in 1965. Such coaxing probably won't be necessary these days. But knowing Capote's prolific drinking habit, the stench of gin is probably still wafting through the air, ready to intoxicate potential buyers willing and able to part with the gross domestic product of Tuvalu for the address where "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "In Cold Blood" were born.

    Photos via NYDN and NYMag