Of a Kind For GofG: Susan Domelsmith Of Dirty Librarian Chains Shares Her Favorite Vegetarian-Friendly NYC Food And Drink Destinations

by guestofaguest · September 7, 2011

    Susan Domelsmith’s jewelry line is as eco-conscience as her eating habits are: The Williamsburg-based designer (and non-meat-eater) uses only salvaged materials in her clunky bracelets and surprisingly lightweight statement necklaces—like the one she made for Of a Kind. Here are four local spots that meet her fashion and veg requirements:

    1. Satsko's Sake Bar:

    "They have the best tuna, and apparently their burgers are to die for. I don't eat meat, but all of my friends swear by them. I love the unfiltered sake, too, and the fries with basil mayo are out of this world. My friends and I usually go on Tuesdays—it's chill there, and the vibe is really warm and welcoming."

    Satsko's Sake Bar 202 E. 7th St., 212-614-0933

    2. Nights and Weekends:

    [photo via NYT]

    "This place is so close to my house, so I end up there a lot. The staff is really nice, and they serve gigantic bottles of Red Stripe. The ambience is perfect—I love that you can sit at the bar stools on the street at the picture windows and have a drink."

    Nights and Weekends: 1 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, 718-383-5345

    The Rusty Knot:

    "I love showing out-of-town friends this fun nautical bar. The free jukebox has some great jams. Coming from Texas and Louisiana, I always miss tacos, guacamole, and po’ boys, and this place really does it right."

    The Rusty Knot: 425 West St., 212-645-5668


    "This spot has been open since the seventies and serves such flavorful, healthy, and delicious meals. I always feel so good after eating there. They also have a ramen spot in the East Village that is amazing for vegetarians because most other ramen in the city has so much meat involved."

    Souen: 28 E. 13th St., 212-388-1155