After years of us swearing off red meat, steak is officially back on the menu for out-and-about New Yorkers. Maybe we can thank the Keto diet, or everyone's steadily increasing obsession with Japanese Wagyu - whatever it is sparking their craving, stylish carnivores have found a new favorite home in Catch Steak

No, it's not the OG Catch we've all spent way too many late nights at, but the air is charged with some of that same see-and-be-seen energy; it's also filled with the sizzling scents of ribeyes and porterhouses and cooked-tableside cuts of coveted, real-deal Kobe (Catch Steak is one of only two eateries in NYC licensed to serve it). It's definitely a scene, but one that's all about the food. You might consider it the "older sister" restaurant in Catch's global family tree, or even a chic aunt (with worldly tastes).

Helmed by Executive Chef Michael Vignola, the steak program is serious. There are plenty of classic cuts and a selection of dry-aged steaks your dad would approve of, but the crown jewel of the menu, which appeals to more modern, adventurous, and Insta-happy tastes, is its Japanese Wagyu, the delicate, priced-by-the-ounce beef that's meant to be savored not unlike a good wine (there's even a flight of five tasting option). In fact, an order of the stuff comes with its very own "steak sommelier," a knowledgeable pro who essentially acts as your own personal chef, rolling out the cooktop to brown your bites to perfection before your eyes, explaining the origin and flavor of each strip the way a wine sommelier would explain every pour. It's an interactive experience that could be appreciated by both gourmets and 'grammers alike. 

While Catch Steak does take pride in offering something for everyone - there is indeed a "not steak" section of the menu, and even vegan-friendly dishes - we couldn't help but grill (pun fully intended) Chef Vignola on all things meaty. From the invention of steak sommeliers to the one thing you should never ask when ordering a filet, click through for the scoop on the city's must-try new steakhouse.

[Photos courtesy Catch Steak]