The Top Spots For A Midnight Meal In Manhattan

It’s late and you’re hungry. I mean, really hungry. Like that bag of chips over there isn’t anywhere near what you’re looking for to settle that incessant hunger. But your favorite joint around the corner closed up for the night and your ambition in the kitchen has retired for the evening. It’s midnight and you’re stumped. For a city that never sleeps, it seems nearly impossible to grab some delicious grub past 11 PM. And let’s face it, that 24 hour diner with harsh fluorescent lighting isn’t really what you ever want to resort to. We’re here to help, per usual.

We searched high and low on the island of Manhattan for some of the best late night food you can grab in your hood. So if you’re working the night shift or happen to have had one too many at the bar (us this weekend), find your way to one of these seven late night food havens to satisfy that hunger pang.

Words by Izzy Setaro at Taste the Style