There's An Avocado Restaurant Serving Avocado Fries In NYC!

by Christie Grimm · February 12, 2018

    Trends come and go, but we must admit, avocados have been hanging on for some time, the little buggers. Such clout this question mark of a vegetable /  fruit (really, who's that confident in their answer to that) apparently has that it's commanded a new downtown spot dedicated solely to items praising its greatness. 

    Exciting news considering who the hell's going to actually venture out to that All-Avocado Cafe in Brooklyn?

    At Avocado Appetit, you'll find the ever-obvious avocado toast, topped albeit with a variety of what we're sure are delicious accouterments. But who the hell cares about that because this place is serving up Avocado Fries! We're not crying, you're crying!!!

    Needless to say, not since the invention of fried pickles has such a game changer come along. So yeah, you're going to want to make your way over to Chinatown to grab yourself an order of these creamy dreams.

    [Photo via Yelp]