OMFG! Gossip Girl Filming At Goldbar!

by Rachelle Hruska · August 13, 2008

    omfg gossip girl

    UPDATE: Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but we just got new confirmation from the horse's mouth that Gossip Girl will NOT be filming at Goldbar.  The film crew was actually part of a feature film.  Apparently GG asked to film there but Goldbar turned them down.

    OMFG! Gossip Girl is shooting at my favorite neighborhood spot, "Goldbar". First we heard this:

    A Little Birdy reports from Nolita "They are shooting a movie or tv show inside Goldbar - lots of trucks and help wandering around.  Looks like a semi serious production.  The Little Italy Euro tourists are loving that shit though."[DBTH]

    And then, after asking around, confirmed that there will most definitely be scenes in the upcoming season of Gossip Girl from inside Goldbar....a favorite of the actors in real life! How many days do we have until the season premiere?  It's the only thing I have to look forward to summer being over.  I wonder if they talked one of the Izzy Golds into making a cameo??

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