Page Six Death Watch: Another Page Six Gaffe?! Courtney Love Did NOT In Fact Bid On Adrien Brody

by Rachelle Hruska · November 9, 2010

    In today's Eavesdropping, we linked to Page Six's article in which they claim Courtney Love bid $17,000 for the chance to have tea with Adrien Brody at the recent "Artists For Peace And Justice" fundraiser. But our sources tell us that's not exactly what happened...-

    The REAL Story Is:

    Adrien Brody bought tea with Gerard Butler for $13k, prompting Gerard to moan "Please let a woman win me!"

    Then, Paul Haggis, the evening's host, urged Adrien to put himself up for auction. As a spur of the moment thing, Adrien auctioned off "champagne time" with himself--NOT tea, as reported by Page Six.  The item sold for $13k to a woman named Susan, and our sources tell us Courtney Love never even bid on it.

    According to today's Gatecrasher, Courtney did win a walk-on role in Haggis' next film, and a fitting with Marchesa--but Adrien Brody never even entered the picture.  Guess she was too busy, uhm, rummaging through other people's purses...

    No real harm done to Courtney or Adrien, but add it to the list of embarrassing mistakes made by Emily Smith and new team over at Page Six...

    Publishing a lame story is one thing, but even the lame ones should have some TRUTH in them! Why do we care? You ask. Well for one thing, Page Six, like it or not, is the local gossip column that everyone in NYC reads whether they like to admit it or not. Every middle aged businessman riding in from Greenwich, CT to Midtown Manhattan each morning, every PR girl, fashion intern, media writer, etc. etc. And, well, with that kind of readership comes power, but also scrutiny.  Foster Kamer over at the Village Voice may not be your beat, but at least he does thorough reporting and fact checking. The NYDN's Gatecrasher is running circles around Page Six.  And, on most days, so are we.

    Page Six Death Watch starts now!

    p.s. Gawker: this is wrong. ;)