This Week's Fame Game Featured "Mover And Shaker"

by Rachelle Hruska · March 10, 2009

    This week's Fame Game Featured "Mover and Shaker" is none other than Hope Atherton, the celebrity-socialite-artist who rose 1.9% in Fame Game's "Art" category this week, coming in fifth behind other art leaders such as sculptor Kenny Scharf and jewelry designer Waris Ahluwalia.  Why profile Atherton? The Virginian-born artist known for her "fantastical" and "melancholic" paintings is quite the succesful chameleon; from her first appearance in Vogue in 2003 to her 2006 cover appearance on Art Review, Atherton has been able to do what some can only dream of - gain the respect of art critics and society columnists alike.  Still, many will argue she's best known for her high profile party appearances (although Atherton holds on to the claim she likes to keep a low profile.)  She counts Tom Sachs, Fabiola Beracasa, and fellow Mover and Shaker Arden Wohl among her top acquaintances.  Hope is currently ranked 543 among the more than 160,000 people in Fame Game and has 160 people connections and 4 relevant news and editorial mentions.  Her highest rank ever was 206.  Visit Fame Game to see this week's full list.