This Week's Fame Game "Mover And Shaker", Lisa Anastos

by guestofaguest · March 16, 2009

    This week's Fame Game Featured "Mover and Shaker" is Lisa Anastos, the socialite/art enthusiast who rose 4.1% in both Fame Game's "Art" and "Business" categories this week, coming in second behind famed interior designer Geoffrey Bradfield.  Anastos is known for being the spunky, sociable host of various art shindigs around the city, and currently holds claim as founder of the Whitney Contemporaries.  We love Anastos for her well-publicized support of young art philanthropists and her political activism... (she is a regular supporter of local NYC political campaigns) but many don't know that she's also an Ivy League graduate who most recently served as General Counsel at large private equity firm Falconhead Capital.  A regular pal of artist Hunt Slonem (they threw a birthday party together last summer), Anastos also counts publicist Susan Shin and Sotheby's Dalia Oberlander among her top acquaintances.  Unlike others on this week's mover and shaker list (Jim Shi for instance, whose controversial move to Marie Claire brought him serious media attention over the past few weeks), Anastos is not on the list due to controversy but rather due to her constant party-hopping and influential friends - she has been to more than 5 events in the past 12 days alone  Lisa is currently ranked 297 among the more than 160,000 people in Fame Game and has 362 people connections and 8 relevant news and editorial mentions.  Her highest rank ever was 8.  Visit Fame Game to see this week's full list and to learn more about the Fame Game algorithm. Fame Game's algorithm computes rank (a measure of overall media attention) by looking at inputs such as the number of events attended, influential connections and "connectedness" index, news and editorial mentions, user attention/search trends, blog attention, and more. Learn more here.