"Warhol-esque Lichtenstein With A Slight Case Of Basquiat"...Izzy Gold Is Back On Our Radar

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 25, 2008

    izzy and leven

    [Izzy Gold with Leven Rambin]

    Remember Izzy Gold? (Pictured above with our girl Leven) This summer we became somewhat obsessed with the man after seeing his shit splattered all over the Blue and Cream in the Hamptons, the LES, and Olivia Palermo. We have since kind of lost touch with all things Gold, and feel almost bad about not being the ones that were FIRST to post on his collaboration with Ally Hilfiger for her "multimedia installation" at the Chelsea Art Museum. Ally, who touches on her father's support for NYMag holds a firm belief that you can explore all your creative aspects, saying: "I produce films, I paint, I've helped my father design clothes since I was 11 years old." and that "Our generation is into more of a multithing. It's kind of like we're our parents generation, but with ADD."

    If you care to see the collaborative efforts of these two youthful enthusiasts, it will be on display tomorrow night at the museum. Izzy Gold aka Francesco Chivetta, describes his work as "Warhol-esque Lichtenstein with a slight case of Basquiat."  Hmmm...trite, and hubristic, doncha think?  Oh, and FYI our writing style at guestofaguest can be best described as Kerouac-esque William F. Borroughs with a smidgen of Choire Sicha.