Wired Pop Up Store Opens, Julia Allison Nowhere To Be Found

by Rachelle Hruska · November 21, 2008

    Speaking of Julia Allison, the famed Wired covergirl sold the most copies of the magazine to date, but she couldn't show up for their popup store opening last night? Ouch. (Adrien Grenier DID). I ran into a friend who was part of the team that opened this store on Tuesday night at the Bed, Bath & Beyond store. She was buying tools to dramatically race back to 18th (between 5th and 6th street), to put the finishing touches together.  The store, an annual tradition of Wired's, opted for a bigger Flatiron space this year instead of their traditional Soho one.  Go in and live out your adult childhood fast, this store will only be around until December 28th.  You can also buy online of course.  I give Meghan Asha one week to get her hot little butt into the store to try out the gadgets for her NonSociety reading fans.

    More photos below: