Billy Corgan Trashes Courtney Love On Twitter

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · April 27, 2010

    billy corgan, courtney loveBack in 2007, Billy Corgan let Courtney Love intimately rest her head on his shoulder. Fast forward to today, and he's slamming her on Twitter. And we mean slamming her. How'd they get there?


    We'll get to the gnarly tweets in a minute, but first -- some back story. Last month, the ex-"Smashing Pumpkins" frontman sent some flack Courtney's way after she put some of the songs they recorded together on her new album, "Nobody's Daughter." That's pretty absent minded of Courtney -- but not necessarily news. However, Corgan was pretty pissed off, as evident from his Rolling Stone interview:

    "I haven't given my permission. I have no interest in supporting her in any way, shape or form. You can't throw enough things down the abyss with a person like that."

    ("Throw things down the abyss"? Like, creative things?) After reading the article -- or having it read to her...who knows -- Courtney signed on to Facebook on March 16th, just before 11 AM and wrote this doozy of an apology (or had someone write it -- it surprisingly seems to use periods correctly).

    Dearest Billy:

    I love you, I love your strong and eternal heart, even love the fucked up gnarly amazing magnificent bigger-than-god louder-than-love karma of the songs you write and allow me to fly with. We have again created beauty from the agony between us, all the buried and unburied anguish, all that is true, that is gold, that is meant to be is within this endless and somehow eternal cycle of Billy & Courtney.I hope you will take my sincerest apologies for all the thousand ways I sometimes offend you, because I know you are a king, a prince, and my beautiful noble boy. No one will ever force my hand, nothing will come between the truth of what we are: Eternal lovers Eternal fighters Eternal warriors. Let the forces and the shock and awe loose from its cages, all credit where it is due. I love and you and can never thank you enough.Your soul (and you know this).

    Xxx CLC

    But the "eternal" stuff wasn't enough for Corgan, who retaliated yesterday with thoughts 1 - 6.

    @Billy: Thought #1: my face is my face, my heart is my heart, my money is my money. Oh, and my songs are MY songs+If you can't write your own songs?

    @Billy:Thought #2: if you can't write your own songs maybe you should just be happy that you fooled someone into doing your work for you...

    @Billy: Or, thought #3:maybe you should go someone nice+live off your husband's money, u know the money he made for writing all those great songs.

    @Billy: Thought #4: when you issue someone an apology on YOUR facebook page you might actually mean it and take responsibility for it. But...

    @Billy:Thought #5: the world is aware of your lack of responsibility, as seen in the gov't taking away your parental right. Only you could abandon!

    @Billy: Only u could abandon such a beautiful, incredible child who is smarter than u, cooler than u, and better than u. Oops, did I say too much?

    @Billy: Thought #6: so have your moment, burn up in the sun that laughs at u as equally as it appears to celebrate u+sleep knowing u have no honor.

    Oh, snap! Billy brought out his AK-47 by referencing Frances Bean! That one must have stung a little bit. It  was enough to put Courtney over the edge, because it seems like she waved a little white flag with this tweet:

    @CourtneyLoveUK:@billy all i am is nice about you so if you wanna be mean be mean i dont feel anything

    And there you have it, folks. You're up to date on the downfall on anything and everything Corgan and Love. Do we want them to settle their differences and keep collaborating, or do we want them to take their rants over to Myspace and Tumblr? (You're not a bad person if you choose the latter. Actually, you're probably in the majority. Fights that take place on social media sites are better than Werther's.)

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