Chatroulette Bingo Briefly Takes Your Mind Off Horrors Of Chatroulette

by BILLY GRAY · March 25, 2010

    As soon as Hans Landa screamed "That's a bingo!" in Inglourious Basterds, you knew the game was due for a comeback. Now the nursing home favorite is getting all modern as it becomes a Chatroulette supplement. -

    All you need to play Chatroulette Bingo is an internet connection, a bingo card--print one out here--and  cojones to brave the Chatroulette wilderness (which includes quite a few exposed cojones itself). The site currently has 500 different cards, with the bingo squares occupied by assorted Chatoulette cliches. There's a "Jo Bro'd" box for Jonas Brothers sightings, a "Situation" box for ab flashers, a "Show Ur Tits" box for another class of flasher, a "Gramps" box for geriatric types who've finally figured out this internet thing and a "U R Sexy" box for when grandpa takes a shine to you.

    Chiara and I played in the office. As usual, about half of the chatters who popped up were masturbating. Neither of our cards had a box for that category, so the vision was even more disturbing than usual. But things picked up. Chiara crossed off her "International" square when we found out we were chatting with a Frog. I cheated by asking one guy (Chartroulette appears to be 90% male, hence the "Show Ur Tits" square) to drink ("Boozin") and flashing the peace sign at another in hopes of reciprocation (yup, there's a "Peace Sign" square too). No prompts allowed.

    Bottom line is a round of this can be fun for 10 minutes. That's a compliment, since ChatRoulette usually makes me hurl my laptop across the room after 5. Ultimately I lost the office game since my bingo skills are rusty at best. But Chatroulette Bingo could reintroduce the game to the over 10 and under 80 crowd that usually eludes it.