Did Facebook Just Launch Its Own Tinder?

by Millie Moore · September 7, 2017

    Seems like it.

    Surely you remember Facebook. It's that social media interface that you've got an account on, but haven't checked up on in like, months. Your app is gathering dust while your friends from middle school that you grew apart from are sharing way too much information on their pregnancies and posting Bible verses in the face of international atrocities. And the only reason you keep Facebook active is to have a Tinder and Bumble, even though everyone you meet via these apps are psychos or starving artists (or both, most likely).

    Well, Facebook is now trying to take over where these two apps leave off. A little bit. Through the Facebook messenger app, you can send messages to people you know asking them if they want to meet up. 

    Or you know, you can just text them to ask.

    But Facebook has been rolling out new features like this for a while now. They added the "stories" feature which is eerily similar to Instagram (oh yeah, and Snapchat, another dying form of social media LOL). 

    This feature is only available in Canada at the moment, because that's a country that actually exists even when you're not threatening to move there when *insert political party here that you hate* wins an election. So is this enticing enough to make us finally use Facebook again? No. But we'll still keep the app on our phones. No promises that we'll actually use it though. 

    [Photo via Motherboard, Getty]