Meet The GofG Social Media Week Guest Bloggers!

by Ross Kenneth Urken · February 7, 2011

    In honor of Social Media Week, we're hosting pairs of guest bloggers starting today through Friday. Among them are PhD students, social gadflies, and club die-hards. See our line-up. And, if you have a post idea that you would like to see any of them tackle, feel free to email them suggestions!

    We still have one slot open for Friday. If interested, email


    GofG Guest Blogger #1 Risa Chu:

    Risa worked as a contributing writer to Party Earth, and keeps a personal blog satirically depicting the antics of her intoxicated friends.  Risa was born and raised in Queens where she currently works as a bookkeeper for a lounge. Email:

    GofG Guest Blogger #2: Amylu Meneses

    A self-professed “mixed-up kid” who’s a blend of crazy Latina, stubborn German and passionate Sicilian wrapped up in fair Welsh skin, Amylu was born to be a promoter. Check out her personal blog [HERE]. Email:


    GofG Guest Blogger #3: Lucy G

    By day, Lucy G postulates strange theories about cultural phenomena, occasionally leaving her apartment to hold important meetings on how to take over the world. You can find her musings over at Snarkoleptic. Email:

    GofG Guest Blogger #4: Alex P.

    Alex P. is a former mom jeans designer who left the fashion world behind to pursue her love of the Internet. Her blog Midweek Crisis explores the confusion of a young twentysomething in a rapidly changing wolrd. Alex works at the digital Wiredset and is collaborating on the upcoming launch of an indie fragrance. Email:


    GofG Guest Blogger #5: Erica D'Aloia

    Erica blogs at She is currently working as an Account Manager for Zeta Interactive, a digital marketing agency. She's a Jersey native who previously held stints with, for example, Lizzie Grubman Public Relations. Email:


    GofG Guest Blogger #6: Emefa Duho

    Having lived in six cities and four countries, Emefa considers herself a citizen of the world. She now has a daily tumblr based on a campaign, Oui Oui Je Speak Franglais, which was inspired by her years of living in France. When she is not working, she volunteers for UNICEF, Lupus Foundation, and the Young Professionals for International Cooperation. Email:


    GofG Guest Blogger #7: Nate Rohenkohl

    Nate was reluctantly transplanted from the West to the East coast in his younger years, which facilitated a laid back personality in the grips of an uptight mind. After graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in psychology, Nate took flight to the high skies where he has been based in Boston, New York, and Orlando all the while blogging from 35,000 feet. Email:

    GofG Guest Blogger #8: Suzanna Katz

    Suzanna is currently pursuing a PhD in biomedicine in New York and used to work in a research lad that studies intimate relationships; she holds an undergrad degree in psychology. On her website, The Love Lab, she writes about dating and love in the city and explore the 'science behind the sentiment.' Email:


    GofG Guest Blogger #9: Uzo Ometu

    Uzo is from Austin, Texas but has slowly been won over by the New York ecosystem over the past eight years. He moved to the city for college, where he studied sociology and played football, both of which have little to do with his post-college endeavors. He writes for several blogs of his own, including During the week, he's a practicing digital media strategist. Email: