Hey, Mykki Blanco, Can You NOT Use A Suicide Attempt To Promote your Snapchat?

by Stephanie Maida · July 14, 2016

    Today in "WTF, social media has definitely gone too far" news, gender-bending rapper and musician Mykki Blanco used a woman's possible suicide attempt to gain more followers on Snapchat. No, really. 

    Blanco is apparently in Paris, where he Instagrammed a video from his Snapchat account saying "A woman is threatening to jump out of her hotel window, this is NOT funny." It is NOT funny, Mykki, so why is your caption simply "Snapchat: mykkiblanco"? While the video, of course, depicts an uncomfortable amount of other bystanders with their phones out, we really expected better from this innovative and activist artist. Has social media really made us so numb to human tragedy that we can mindlessly exploit it for an increased follower count?

    He has since deleted the Insta but it is unclear whether his Snaps are still up. We don't follow him and don't plan to after this.