How To Use Foursquare To Get A Girlfriend, Christmas Presents, And Free Things

by Chiara Atik · October 14, 2010

    Ok, so you're using Foursquare to passively aggressively brag to your friends about what you're doing at any given hour (us too.) But are you using Foursquare to its full potential? It could be doing so much more for you...--



    Are You Using Foursquare To Get Things?

    Seriously, we're pretty hooked on Foursquare, but even we were surprised at some of these discounts. Free side at Mermaid Inn? Free beer at Southern Hospitality? Awesome. Ann Taylor: 15% off for checking in, 25% off if you're mayor.

    Bar Breton: Free beer or wine every 5th check-in.

    Bergdorf Goodman: Mayor gets to choose something from the BG Restaurant for free.

    BLT Burger: Free beer with your burger when you check in; free burger for the mayor.

    Crumbs: Free coffee when you check in on Fridays

    Juicy Couture: Mayor of Juicy Couture gets 30% off.

    Le Poisson Rouge: Check in for the first time, and your second drink is on the house.

    McCormick & Schmick's: Check-in and get a free bar food item along with purchase of Happy Hour drink. Mayor buys one dinner entree and gets one free.

    Mermaid Inn: Check-in gives you a free side, De-throning the mayor gets you a lobster sandwich.

    New York Health & Racquet Club, E. 50th Street: Check in and get a one day guest pass.

    Southern Hospitality: Free Miller Lite upon check-in, 50% off  dinner for two for the Mayor

    Village Pourhouse: 10% off when you check in, Mayor gets free drink.

    Are you using Foursquare To Pick People Up?

    Ratio Finder is a map that shows where guys check-in on Foursquare, where girls check-in, and where no one checks in. This data is a little depressing, though nothing we didn't know (Guess what, ladies?! The highest male ratio in our area is at the, wait for it, wait for it: The Grocery Store. Can we change this ratio, please?)

    Also, for some reason, "cemetery" is a category on this thing. Never tried to pick someone up in a cemetery before but I'll try it, thanks.

    Also, Yoga To The People is 89% female, but trust us, the few guys there are hot.

    And also, one more thing, museums across the board tend to have more guys checking in (surprisingly), especially The Museum Of Sex (unsurprisingly.)

    Still, the strategic pick-up artist will use this information to their advantage.

    Tenjune: More Girls

    Avenue: More Girls

    1Oak: More Girls

    Webster Hall: More Guys

    Arlo & Esme: More Guys

    Juliet: More Girls

    Mars Bar: More Guys

    Tom & Jerry's: WAY more girls

    Loreley: More Guys

    Standard Biergarten: More Girls

    Nearly every Hotel Bar, including Crosby Street Hotel, Bowery Hotel, Ace Hotel, Thompson LES, and SoHo Grand: More Guys (does this surprise you? It does us...)

    Are You Using Foursquare To Avoid Your Ex?

    You should be. There really isn't an excuse for awkward "Ohhh...I didn't think YOU'D be here!" any more.

    Are You Using Foursquare To Buy People Gifts?

    If you're like us, you've been having trouble remembering people's birthdays ever since the Facebook Homepage changed. Foursquare makes last minute gifts easier! Just sign up for Gifi, a new app that lets you leave money for your friends at their favorite shops and restaurants.

    It's sort of like a virtual gift certificate; the next time your friend checks in to their favorite coffee shop, a notice will pop up and inform them that they have $10 to spend, or whatever. And they will think you are thoughtful, even if it was a lazy and last minute gift!

    More creative and industrious types could even devise some sort of Foursquare gift scavenger hunt. Seriously, you could do your Christmas Shopping with a tap of your iPhone.