I Accidentally Pissed Off An Army Of Disney Fans On Twitter & They're Ruining My Life

by Stephanie Maida · October 26, 2017

    First of all, let me just say that The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies and I still know every line of Aladdin. So I don't particularly have a vendetta against Disney movie fans - but shit, do they have a vendetta against me.

    If you've never had an angry mob of die-hard stans after you on Twitter, consider yourself lucky. Now I know what Kim Kardashian felt like after she dragged Taylor Swift.

    You see, it all started when I reported the news that John Stamos (random, I know) got engaged. His fiancée, I noticed, thanks to her Instagram, is one of those #DisneyBound people: as in, she creates plainclothes costumes to mimic characters when she goes to the park since you're not actually allowed to dress up there. So, you know, since they got engaged at Disneyland and she's clearly obsessed with the place, I mentioned it. Being a cynic from New York who doesn't understand why any adult would want to spend so much time in a claustrophobic place full of screaming children, I said it was "creepy." But like, whatever, welcome to the world of celebrity, where your out of the ordinary habits are bound (no pun intended) to get judged. But man, was that the wrong move.

    A Disney addict YouTuber didn't take too well to my angle so, as is unfortunately the case in the age of social media, she found my Twitter handle and called me out to her 16,000 followers, claiming I was hateful and wondering why I was so affected by her love of Disney. LAWD. 

    Before I even saw the Tweet, my mentions were full of people saying things about me that I already know: I'm bitter and hate fun. Um, yeah, duh. Like I said, I'm from New York. My idea of fun is trying to avoid rats at 4 am in front of The Box in Chinatown. But I digress. These Disney people are scary! And not really doing a great job of proving they're not creepy? LOL, right?

    While, sure, I get it, I threw some shade and most people were just mad at that, I did receive a few since-deleted physical threats, which obviously isn't cool. I had a nightmare that Mickey Mouse was brutally murdering me in the hellscape that is It's A Small World. Someone even said I was "degrading women" which I still don't understand. 

    Sigh, it's been a day and my mentions are a persistent shitshow of mad, mouse ear-wearing superfans. Worst of all? I'm now getting targeted ads on Twitter about travel deals to Disney World. Seriously, no thank you.

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