"Know Your Meme: The Game Show!" Spices Up Ignite NYC III At Santos Party House

by Rachelle Hruska · February 24, 2009

    [Team Sorgatz]

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    Last night, I took my very first trip to Santos Party House (I know!) to experience Ignite NYC III first hand. Rocketboom kicked the night off with "Know Your Meme: The Game Show! Pwn, Win, or Fail!" I asked Caroline McCarthy (member of "Team Sorgatz") what was up with her team's name (Rex Sorgatz was on "Team Boxxy"). Here was their reasoning:

    "We decided to be "Team Sorgatz" just to confuse people. We thought it'd be funny if we named our team after Rex and wore his trademark look (scarves, glasses, blazers) specifically so that people would be like, "Hey, wait, this makes no sense." And then, if we lost and he won, the name "Sorgatz" would still forever be associated with failure!"

    (They lost).

    More story, photos, and video!, below...

    [This dance should have been gold for Team Sorgatz. Thanks Rachel Sklar!]

    The Game Show was hosted by the cast of Know Your Meme: Jamiedubs, Elspethjane, and Yatta. Contestants: Rex Sorgatz (Fimoculous), Gavin Purcell (Attack of the Show / Jimmy Fallon Show), Peter Rojas (Engadget / RCRD LBL), Nate Westheimer (Innonate), and Kelly Reeves (URLesque) vs Michelle DeForest (Next New Networks), Bre Pettis (NYC Resistor), Caroline McCarthy (CNET), Irene Polnyi (Internetfamo.us), and Tim Shey (Next New Networks). The game show that tests your knowledge of all things Internet in just twenty questions and a lightning round.

    After the show there were a series of Ignite speakers that took the stage: Michael Galpert- "Images on the Internet May Appear Realer Than They Are" Jaki Levy- "How to Screw up Your Reputation Or the Reputation of Your Company Online" Karen Sandler- "Unchain My Heart" Dennis Crowley*- "The Crowley Family vs. Family Feud: How You Too Can Win Fame and Fortune in LA" Alex Bisceglie- "DataVisualization: Muppet Fur Coats" Jonathan Kahan- "Cutting Edge Technology: The Samurai Sword" Jooyoung Oh- "Unemployment 101" Naveen Selvadurai- "In Case of FIre, Break Glass" Britta Riley- "R&D-I-Y" Scott Rafer- "An Overnight Success in Just 15 Years" Noah B. Zerkin- "Near Future Augmented Reality Systems" Cory Forsyth- "How to Piss Off the FCC" Ed Purver- "A Show of Hands" Andrew Hoppin- "NASA 2.0" Jen Bekman- "Overcrowded" David Overholt- "Fail Often" Rob Seward- "The Collective Unconscious of 1980s Florida"

    *This was my favorite, as it has always been a dream of mine to be a contestant on Family Feud.