Lessons Learned At SXSW '09

by Rachelle Hruska · March 16, 2009

    [Example of the guy/girl ratio shown at last night's Tumblr party via]

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    Lessons learned at our first SXSW Conference:

    Ratio of guys to girls: 10 to 1. If you are a single woman and have an iPhone and a pulse, you're set.

    Nerds spend most of high school sober. Many didn't finish college. That makes for a lot of catching up.

    Facebook steals. Get used to it people, this is the internet after all.

    Tweets/foursquare check ins/texts/tumblrs are how 99% of the "conversations" take place here.  Surprisingly you still manage to come home feeling socially exhausted.

    Figure out where wino Gary Vaynerchuk is, the wine will be free flowing. 

    IF you find yourself speaking in "Twitter Tongue" ie: uttering any of the following out loud: "OMG", "STFU", "LOL"....don't panic.  Normal social vocabulary should come back to you within a week.

    [The Julia Allison Show]

    The Julia Allison show really does run 24/7.  You will learn to embrace it as the surprise wears off.

    The @reply on Twitter is a much more socially acceptable way to interact with your friends.

    "If you're the mayor of the Convention Center (on foursquare) you're not going out enough." -Dennis Crowley (founder, FourSquare)

    Skip the Convention Center and head to Iron Cactus instead for $5 bottomless mimosas.

    Wrist band caste system at Tumblr party: Pink=VIP, Blue=Tumblr, Green=everybody else.

    Your internet won't work, neither will that AT&T usb card of yours or your iPhones.  You will still spend hours trying/waiting/trying.

    The Driskill hotel is Austin's version of Rose Bar.

    The underground room at La Condesa has the chef from our own La Esquina on its payroll.  If you can get access do it. There is absolutely no service for any kind of gadget down there. It will be your only real break of the week.

    Head to the Four Seasons for a taste of the Filmies and the tuna tartar.

    If all else fails, Find College Humor's Ricky Van Veen and follow him around.

    [Post written by partners in crime: Stephanie Wei and Rachelle Hruska]