Neel Shah Claims He Can't Even Get In To Avenue

by SARAH KUNST · May 12, 2010

    Have you seen Neel Shah's new taxi TV commercial for Bing, in which he is rejected from Avenue? The casting is random-and a harbinger of more internet "celebrities" making the jump to tv.-

    The death of old media has been greatly exaggerated it seems, and faces suited for the internet are moving to tv screens with increasing frequency.

    Following a ignominious and unexpected exit from softcore porn slide show purveyor Business Insider, writer John Carney has a new gig. He'll be reporting for duty soon as a senior editor at and will serve as on air commentator for the site.  No word yet on which channels he'll be frequenting but with those looks he could be a serious threat for money honeys all across NBC Universal properties.

    Another blogger with tv talent is Page Six's Neel Shah. The Gawker intern turned gossip about town has a new sideline going that is both ubiquitous and under the radar to all but those tourists who tune into taxi tv. If you don't immediately hit the "off" button next time you're in a cab, Shah can be seen looking not quite natural in front of the camera while he promotes the search engine Bing as a key component to tackling NYC nightlife. Not sure the ad works as intended - Shah is promptly denied entry into Avenue in the spot, and not even by the chic but strict Wass Stevens. Instead, a common security guard gruffly explains that no girls = no entry. For a gossip columist, Shah's been pretty mum about the new project, tweeting just one @ reply about his new found fame(no word on the rejection.)

    [Daily Style Phile: Neel Shah]