New York City's Most Coveted Foursquare Mayorships

by Chiara Atik · August 19, 2010

    The New York Times had an article this morning about the frequent and often contentious battles for Foursquare mayorships. Except the people profiled in the article were locked in battles to be mayor of like....a bridge. And, random places in offices. How fierce is the competition for actual cool places?-

    Using the handy dandy website, When Will I Be Mayor, we calculated just how many check-ins it takes to be mayor of some of the city's most popular locales.

    ACE Hotel: 40 Checkins

    Soho House: 39 Checkins

    Webster Hall: 35 Checkins

    230 Fifth: 35 Checkins

    Kenmare: 33 Checkins

    Thompson Hotel: 32 checkins

    La Esquina: 32 Checkins

    The Summit Bar: 28 Checkins

    Juliet Supper Club: 28 Checkins

    Per Se: 27 Checkins

    The Boom Boom Room: 25 Checkins

    Hotel On Rivington: 22 Checkins

    1Oak: 17 checkins

    Pulino's: 16 Checkins

    The Standard Biergarten: 16 Checkins

    Destination Bar: 16 Checkins

    The Jane Hotel: 15 Checkins

    Rose Bar: 15 Checkins

    The Gansevoort Hotel: 14 checkins

    Le Bain: 13 checkins

    National Underground: 11 checkins

    Schiller's: 11 checkins

    Waverly Inn: 10 checkins

    The Bowery Hotel: 9 Checkins

    Le Bernardin: 8 checkins

    Elaine's: 7 Checkins

    So there you go! Virtually impossible to become mayor of the ACE unless you like, move in, and not surprisingly, relatively easy to steal the mayorship at Elaine's.

    (And, FYI, it would take about 19 checkins at Guest of a Guest to steal the mayorship from Sarah Kunst, but don't even try it.)

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