Order Your Starbucks Trenta On Your Phone: The New Future

by Ross Kenneth Urken · January 19, 2011

    Earlier in the week, we decried the new Trenta Starbucks size, and now, its gets worse. Here's how to save time on all those extra trips to the bathroom.

    As The Huffington Post reports, a Starbucks Card mobile app will let you pay for your morning joe with your smartphone.

    Of course, this quick transaction remedy will help you make up some of the lost time on your ten bathroom trips after your 31 oz. latte monster.

    Users can fill their accounts through PayPal or credit card and even have their caffeine allowance reset when it hits empty.

    Mobile payment hasn't quite landed a foothold in the States yet, though companies like Venmo, Intuit, Verifone, and Jack Dorsey's Square (which landed $27.5 million in its last funding campaign), are vying for the platform to stake out a territory among web-savvy American consumers.

    Naturally, the already existing Starbucks Card may be a facilitating buffer for coffee addicts to up and switch to a mobile equivalent for a more convenient purchase. Yet the lack of regularity in buying, say, concert tickets, puts vend-mobile start-ups at a slight disadvantage (why not just buy the tix with your credit card online?), and they would do well to focus on their competitive advantage (what makes them more efficient, say) moving forward to incentivize growth.

    In the meantime, maybe Starbucks will stop serving awful regular coffee so we'd stop having to buy the more expensive fancy drinks. This has long been a racket.

    [Trenta: The New Starbucks Size You've Been Waiting For]

    [Image via Eater]