Protocols Is Twitter Rehab For Compulsive Tweeters

by guestofaguest · August 10, 2009

    [Jeff Newelt. Photo via Nick McGlynn]. We've already talked about Protocols, a private bi-monthly gathering in which twittering is strictly verboten, as the founders are trying to fight against the notion that everything has to be chronicled. The New York Times article says "the quintet has found that there's something magical about a life less posted."

    We agree, but we've also noticed that co-founder Jeff Newelt's life seems to be pretty diligently posted....

    From a Gothamist Interview:

    How many nights a week do you go out, and how do you keep track of your voluminous social calendar? With all the gadgetry at your disposal, do you use a PDA or planner of some sort? I go out 4 or 5 nights a week. I use a combo of a PDA synched with my Outlook calendar so that's how I keep track of meetings, dinners, etc. Events I actually keep track of by way of reminding others about them. I usually spread word about whatever it is I'm going to that night, so I just read my own emails. Also, what helps me out bigtime is sending emails to my Gmail from my handheld. Gmail is so easily searchable. Also, my friends and I always ping each other to see if we're going to this or that, so the network keeps me on point.

    To be fair, that interview was from 2007. It's possible that Newelt has toned down his PDA-dependency issues since then. Let's check out his Twitter:

    @JahFurry Tonite. 1230am @ NUBLU. AveC b/w 4th/5th. Clark Gayton allstar dub jazz crew. $10. 2 long sets of awesome. come hang

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    @JahFurry Free show tonite 11pm, 1am at @brooklynbowl w/ video DJs @eclecticmethod

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    @ JahFurry NY Tonite 10:30 @ Local269 (houston/suffolk) ClarkGayton/ @sacbut allstar jazzy dub w/ BillSims+members of BeeGees &Brazilian Girls! FREE!

    Ok, so, he twitters a lot about parties....just...not the anti-twitter parties he sometimes co-hosts. Right.

    Look, man: you obviously love Twitter. You obviously use it a lot to promote concerts, comics, or any other thing you think is deserving of our collective attention. If you throw parties where people aren't allowed to tweet or text or whatever, that's cool. Just call it what it is: a bi-monthly twitter-less rehab, where every two weeks people take a break from twitter and facebook for a few hours or so--before diving right back in.