Revenge Of The Nerds: Nightlife Hotspots Now Gauged By Foursquare Check-Ins

by Ross Kenneth Urken · January 10, 2011

    You might judge a club's success by the throngs of people waiting outside or the inside congestion, but New York may have a new metric in deciding which are the hottest spots in town. Which joints ranked highest by Foursquare check-ins?

    The Feast has a snazzy little compilation of which nightlife venues around town ranked highest in terms of this social media metric.

    After major concert venues like Madison Square Garden and Terminal 5, Brooklyn Bowl, Williamsburg's shrine to the gutter ball, took the cake with 14, 544 check-ins.

    The East Village's Webster Hall boasted 14,207 and Radio City Music Hall had 13,384.

    Provocateur, the Meatpacking District megaclub. ranked highest among boite venues with 13,341, and strangely The Standard's Biergarten nabbed 11,586 check-ins in this quirky Deutsch establishment catering to those searching for a brewtopia.

    Is this the future of our criterion for nightlife hotness? With exact numbers and bar tabs generally relegated to the silence of proprietary information, there has never been a true way to measure a club's popularity besides anecdotal observation or reported celebrity sightings that give a venue a certain cachet.

    Foursquare, it seems, may play an increasingly pivotal role in allowing clubs to use data to flaunt their worth and popularity, using social network figures to prove to advertisers and patrons their relative draw with concrete numbers.

    [Image via The Feast]