TechCrunch Meetup At The Boom Boom Room Proves A Nerd Fail

by Ross Kenneth Urken · February 3, 2011

    Last week we reported on the oddity of a TechCrunch meeting that was apparently to occur at the Boom Boom Room last night--the convergence of dorks and nightlife hipness. But a tipster tells us things went south for the tech geeks.

    We've noted the current trend going on that marks the social media crew as the new "it" crowd. The leaders of the clique are in vogue, literally! Check out foursquare co-founders Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai looking chic in the pages of Italian Vogue:

    [Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai in Italian Vogue]

    We have dubbed this the It-guy trajectory for these hip, savvy would-be nerds.

    The leaders of the tech and social media space have figured out how to make their careers online. And, if they were overlooked two years ago, the world has now officially caught onto their unique strokes of genius. We have packed away our Tinsley Mortimer days, their parties are officially the parties to crash.

    [36 Cooper Holiday Party]

    But just like any in-crowd there is a dichotomy between those who belong with the requisite charisma and success to thrive at the convergence of tech and nightlife culture and those who are the hangers-on.

    The first group of hip techies consists of people game to be themselves, owning and embracing their nerdling fascinations, while becoming the darlings of media and fashion.

    The hangers-on try to affect an aura of hipness but come up short with general ineptitude. They want to be connectors in the Gladwellian sense but lack the social graces and true network to legitimize their meetup shenanigans.

    One of our readers heard about the Boom Boom Room meetup for fans of TechCrunch and essentially calls the organizer, the diamonds and groceries e-commerce entrepreneur, a fraud--one who put on a sham that turned into an unsuccessful evening.

    "After reading your article, my friend thought it would be funny to see if this could actually take place...I always enjoy some networking, a good laugh, and a cocktail, and being in the tech space, I was intrigued to see who would actually make it there. I showed up around 7:30 to find out that there was nothing on the books about this event at all and that they had been turning away people at the door"

    The comments page tells a sad-sad tale:

    As you can see, Andrew Cohen posted at 7:06 last night:

    "Um WTF? Several of us showed up for the event, and the hotel had no record of it. In fact, the Boom Boom Room was booked by another org? Who dropped the ball here?"

    Jorge Martinez met similar trouble and posted a comment at 7:23:

    "What?! No Boom Boom?? Showed up and the nice hostess was like watchu' talkin' 'bout willis? Never heard of you. Don't know a Mr. Arrington! Good day! At least the five minute ride on the broken elevated was fun! # fail"

    The alleged huckster, eschewed guilt.

    "Hi all, I was by the bar till about 6:30! And I notified the hostess as I arrived! I am so sorry it didn't work out. I left because I didn't think anyone was going to show!"

    Our tipster presented the brutal reality of the evening:

    "I went in and looked around to see if anyone had made it in, and sat down with the friends that I was meeting at the bar. We saw a gathering of 'out of place' individuals in the northwest corner and I walked over, assuming this was the group that had gotten past the hostess stand, but it turned out to be a corporate party for Johnson & Johnson. The message board from the non-event shows the same."

    Our tipster has a boiler plate assessment: "This guy is a joker."

    Hey, new trends take awhile to catch on. Our advice? Be patient. Being "hip" doesn't come without rejection. Next time, you guys should call up our buddy, Thrillist's Ben Lerer, for help:

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