The Native Society Members: Elliott Benjamin Levenglick And Hannah Schley

by Ross Kenneth Urken · February 16, 2011

    Life is hard--being in exclusive societies and all. Let's meet some more members of the Native Society, New York's secret coterie of blue bloods, to probe the hardships.

    Meet Elliott Benjamin Levenglick and Hannah Schley, who filled out our Native Society questionnaire. All responses are their own, even when they choose to write in the third person. Continue to meet Oliver Estreich's inner circle.

    Native Society Member #5: Elliott Benjamin Levenglick

    Age: 24

    College: University of Wisconsin-Madison

    High School: Birch Wathen Lenox

    Home neighborhood growing up: East 80s

    Current neighborhood of residence: UES

    Summer house?: Southampton, NY.

    tNS since?: We spoke about it prior to its initial launch.

    Top Reason For Joining tNS: Besides from the fact that Oliver has always been a close friend of mine, tNS offers a unique opportunity to unite a like-minded group of youthful, intelligent and successful New Yorkers that seldom exists in the city today.

    Why did you qualify?: Having grown up in NYC, I naturally possess a sophisticated and cultured outlook on life. I have also had the privilege of traveling throughout Europe, Asia and South America on a frequent basis which distinguishes me from any ordinary candidate. Finally, like Oliver, I am very entrepreneurial by nature and am always looking to change the world.

    The Skinny

    How did you meet Oliver?: Since the early 2000s through the NYC high school scene. We always used be the youngest patrons of Pangaea and Lotus back in the day and continued to frequent all the best spots in NYC and abroad throughout high school and college. We were always beyond our years.

    Favorite part of the club: I am friends with nearly every member of the club.

    Favorite restaurant: Babbo

    Favorite Bar: Bar at the Mark Hotel is fun. Norwood is also cool.

    Favorite Club: Kenmare

    What makes a true native New Yorker?: Passion for art, fashion, travel and models

    Native Society Member #6: Hannah Schley


    Age: 24

    College: George Washington University / Pepperdine University

    High School: Marymount

    Home neighborhood growing up: Malibu

    Current neighborhood of residence: Malibu & Edgartown, MA

    Summer house?: Malibu and Edgartown

    tNS since?: 2010

    Top Reason For Joining tNS: connections


    [Hannah Schley]

    Why did you qualify?: A graduate of Pepperdine University, has been involved with baseball her entire life. Hannah's father, Van Schley, a long time owner of minor league baseball clubs, is one of the founding members of the first modern independent league, founding the Northern League in 1993. Hannah currently holds stock in several minor league baseball teams Her career in the game began in 2006, as a marketing and sales intern for the legendary St. Paul Saints (American Association) in 2006. During the 2007 and 2008 seasons, Schley pursued internships for the Brockton Rox, having been involved in all aspects of the operations.

    The Skinny

    How did you meet Oliver?: social circuit in NY

    Favorite part of the club?: much chicer than Facebook these days…

    Favorite restaurant: Marea

    Favorite Bar: Diamond Lil’s

    Favorite Club: pas pour moi

    What makes a true native New Yorker?: good style, bad attitude

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