Selfie ABC

Once in a while a TV show comes along that truly captures the #hashtag of a generation. Selfie is that show. Starring Karen Gillan and John Cho, Selfie is a modern day My Fair Lady tale, about a girl who can't just live in the moment and the guy who's teaching her to put down the phone. On Tuesday, September 30th, we caught the much-anticipated premiere of the millennial comedy on ABC, which was filled with cute romantic tension, social media lingo, and, of course, plenty of #selfies. Given the subject matter of the sitcom, it's no surprise that viewers took to Twitter and Instagram during the premiere to share their thoughts and hilarious commentary, and Guest of a Guest was no exception. Click through for some of our favorite quotes, scenes, and social media reactions from the premiere and don't forget to catch the next episode this Tuesday on ABC!

Go HERE to catch the episode of Selfie!

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