An Ode To THAT Renata Klein Scene In The "Big Little Lies" Finale

by Stephanie Maida · July 22, 2019

    As goddamn annoying as she was the first time around, Renata Klein quickly emerged as Big Little Lies' baddest bitch in Season 2. From singing along to Diana Ross's "It's My House" in that fabulous red power suit-dress to her now infamous "I will NOT not be rich" line, Renata has given us plenty of memorable (and quotable) moments throughout this otherwise slow-going second season.

    And after everything she's been through lately - you know, besides the titular "big little lie" she's involved in - including her dumbass husband Gordon losing all their money and (spoiler alert!) banging the nanny, the blessed Laura Dern gave us Renata's most iconic moment yet in this Sunday's season finale.

    Let's set the scene. Aforementioned dumbass husband Gordon, who has seemingly regressed to even more of a man-child since becoming responsible for his family's major financial woes, gleefully tells his wife that he was able to save one of their (read: his) most prized possessions: the collectible train set.

    The TRAIN SET?!

    In response to this news, and Gordon's grossly cavalier attitude towards all of his fuck-ups, Renata embraces the catharsis we've all been waiting for by grabbing one of his *display bats* in his *literal toy room* (again this is a grown man we're talking about) and just smashes everything. YAS KWEEN, GO OFF.

    Within the confines of the television show, of course, this is simply one woman's reaction to the consistent wrongs of one man. But viewers collectively exhaled when she was done, and we knew in the grand scheme of things, this was a release for all of us. As both a warning and a justification, Renata summed it up best: "Maybe you should've shown a woman a little respect."

    Unsurprisingly, Twitter gave our girl quite the ovation.