And The Most Popular Netflix Show In New York Is...

by Christie Grimm · January 10, 2017

    If you're one of the two people left in the US who's not streaming up a storm, power to you. Though honestly, what are you doing with all of your time?

    Whether you're constantly stealing a friend's password, or have an account all your own (fat chance) - chances are not a day goes by without logging into everyone's favorite time-wasting hub at least once.

    High Speed Internet has just published a super telling map detailing the most binge-watched show in each state. 

    So what's New York's most beloved? Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Which we must say, totally makes sense.

    California's most watched? Again, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Seems our coasts really aren't too different after all.

    Take a look at the map below for a good laugh at the rest of the country's favorites as well! 

    By the way, any Fuller House state, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    [Photo via @netflix]