Are You A Serena Or A Blair?

by CARSON GRIFFITH · April 21, 2009

    If you're female, gay, into fashion, have a girlfriend, or are one of the straight, single men who secretly tune in every week to the New York phenomenon that is Gossip Girl, then you have probably classified every female you know into one of two categories: Serena or Blair. Since the writers of Gossip Girl have now decided to keep us in suspense for weeks at a time in between episodes (not to mention the plot lines that are becoming more and more mediocre), we now need to supplement ourselves with GG extras like this. New York City is stock full of the show's wannabes. Whether you identify with the hippie-boho-chic blond or the preppy-bow-sporting schemer we have some ways for you to figure out one of the big questions in life so you're not up all night tossing and turning: Are you a Serena or a Blair? Because seriously, Which SATC character are you? is like so 5 years ago.

    Are You A Blair?

    The scheming bitch who reigns over the social scene She can social climb and throw someone under a bus (or a Bentley) at the same time. Now that's talent.

    With a style that's a cross between an American Girl Doll and a librarian with a trust fund. Add in Nanette Lepore's latest shipments and some Jennifer Behr headbands and you've basically summed it up.

    Dates Wanted: Blue Bloods Apply Within Practically requires a copy of a guy's family's latest tax return and social registrar update before going out with him.

    When reality blows up in her face, she retreats to other characters in all different scenarios. Some may call it bi-polar, we call it good television.

    Dishes out enough witty banter and biting charm to make Simon Cowell think twice before criticizing her.

    Or are you more of a Serena?

    The bad girl with the heart of gold She may get your mom to like her more. And steal all your friends. And sleep with your boyfriend. But she'll always, always be a good friend, and isn't that all that matters?

    Beautiful booze-hound with a tarnished past she just can't seem to kick When the going gets tough, the tough get a Tanguerey Martini.

    Bohemian style with a hefty price tag - these duds aren't vintage, they're designer. It may be ripped, scratched, or look like she bought it at Coachella this past weekend, but it was probably more likely $500 by Elizabeth and James.

    Doesn't mind slummin' when it comes to guys If you count intellectual hotties who live in huge Brooklyn lofts slummin'. But of course she can only do this for so long - or any guy for so long. for that matter.

    Would wear a mini dress to her stepfather's funeral Or a plunging neckline to a family dinner. Or a bikini to church (ok that hasn't happened... yet)

    'We all know one nation can't have two queens.' But can a person be like two girls?